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Episode 81a – “Star Trek: Discovery Trailer”

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Have you seen the Discovery trailer yet? Well, spoilers: it definitely looks amazing. Great production values, a diverse cast, and some… okay, totally unrecognizable aliens.

In this mini-episode, we react to the first look at the new Star Trek series. Reactions vary, from the Trek-newbie’s “shiiiiiiny” to the veterans’ “oh dear god what is that,” but it is, after all, only a trailer, designed to entice and frankly, in a lot of ways, mislead. So take what you see with a grain of salt, and don’t be like me, yelling about Klingons in my head 24/7.

What will the new Star Trek really be like? Will it live up to its legacy of radical progressivism, while exploring brave new worlds in the form of asking difficult questions and calling out difficult contemporary truths? Or will it fall into the Enterprise trap of catering to the mainstream at the expense of a lot of its courage? Will it have nuanced space politics and a lot of totally fascinating alien cultures? Will it deliver on the space socialism I, personally, need in order to live?

We’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, check out the trailer below.



Episode 41b – Bonus Content: Star Trek Beyond

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The NSMTNZ crew recently saw the new offering from the Nu!Trek franchise, and wonder of wonders, we enjoyed it! Now if Hollywood can just promise to never let J.J. Abrams touch Star Trek ever ever again, I might one day progress to a place of acceptance where I can physically stop complaining about installments 1 and 2.

Joining us for this recap/reaction is special guest Amy, who has never been on a podcast before! Good times.

Obvious warning: spoilers ahead.


Episode 41a – Bonus Content: Discovery Teaser Trailer!

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Our first bonus episode of two this week, all about the upcoming return of Star Trek to its natural habitat, television. There was a panel full of announcements at SDCC 2016, among them the name of the new ship, also the title of the series: Discovery. We also got a list of new names added to the show’s creative team, including a few new writers (still a little heavy on white guys, but there’s still time) and some directors and producers.

Join us as we pick the trailer apart into many tiny pieces, coming away with a wild mix of impressions and predictions, but your mileage may vary.

If you haven’t seen it yet, have a look! And commence wildly theorizing as we await the next batch of rumours and announcements.


A Brief Hiatus

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As 2/3 of us are moving house in two days, there will be a brief hiatus while we get ourselves and our worldly possessions (including our recording equipment) from one place to the other. But have no fear, for we’ll be back in two weeks with discussion and review of the extraordinary crapshow that is Season 2, Episode 9: Metamorphosis.

In the meantime, please enjoy this pleasant and highly topical gif from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. The voyage to our new home will probably be much less enjoyable than the conclusion of this movie, but live in hope, right?

The conclusion of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home: the Enterprise crew splashing in the ocean


Episode 29b – Bonus Content: New Series Rumour Round-Up #1

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A new-this-week round-up of the current rumours circulating around the new Trek series, gathered for your listening pleasure from only the finest second-hand, uncorroborated sources. We’ll probably keep doing these as we learn more.

We sum up with a reading of our wildest, most unlikely desires for new Trek. Have any of your own?


Episode 29a – Bonus Content: Star Trek Kiss, Marry Kill

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We’re taking a brief hiatus before beginning Season 2, so here is some bonus content to tide you over.

Yes, this is what that title says it is. This is a thing that has happened.



Episode 21a – Bonus Content: Bryan Fuller Announced as New Trek Series Showrunner

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Yesterday the news hit the Interwebs that we finally have a showrunner for the up-and-coming new Trek series: Bryan Fuller, probably best-known, at the moment, for recently-concluded series Hannibal. His other credits (in addition to some way-back-when episodes of Voyager and Deep Space Nine that officially qualify him as a Trek Alum) include the ultra-whimsical and cult-beloved Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls.

Editor’s disclaimer: Most of Fuller’s existing oeuvre is, as they say, Not In My Wheelhouse (in that I am turned off by greater than trace-level whimsy and actively freaked out by Hannibal). That, plus my “committed pessimism until proven otherwise (because then I can’t be disappointed)” policy re: new Trek, means that the nicest word I can use to describe my feelings about this news is “ambivalence.”

HOWEVER: Bryan Fuller is VERY EXCITED ABOUT STAR TREK, so while I refuse to feel the human emotion of hope about Star Trek ever again, I will grant that that this news is already a step up from the last attempt in the franchise. Kim and Corene are SUPER-EXCITED about this news, so you should definitely ignore this summary and listen to them enthuse. Kim (enthusiastic Hannibal fan) was, at the time of this recording, visibly vibrating with joy.


Episode 8a – Bonus Content: New Star Trek Series???!!!!!!

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Early last week, CBS announced that a new Star Trek television series was in the works, and the Internet subsequently exploded.

Suffice it to say we have mixed feelings. So mixed that the announcement caused no small amount of flailing at NSMTNZ HQ. Some hand-wringing. Some shouting. Some screaming. Possibly some confused weeping.

Rumours abound as to the new series’ contents, though it does involve a couple of pre-reboot alums as well as at least one director with, uh, let us call them successful but mixed credentials.

It’s also possible that this series will be broadcast only on a paywalled (probably region-locked) streaming service, which has a lot of people worried.

In this episode, we ask and sort of answer a lot of questions, including but not limited to:

  • what do we want from the new series?
  • what do we fear?
  • how upset are we still about the reboots (spoiler: in some cases very)?
  • will there be enough space diplomacy?

Seriously though: for the most part we’re cautiously pleased about the prospect of the return of Star Trek to its natural medium, but we do hope that this series heralds a return to the fundamental principles of Trek, as transposed onto our modern television storytelling expectations. More diversity, please, CBS. More wonder. More hope. And above all, more transcending the limitations and trials of our youth as a species to become something more: Per Aspera Ad Astra.

Please be good, new Star Trek. Be better than what came before.


Episode 0: Get to know your hosts!

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Before we get into the real work of minutely dissecting episodes, meet the people wielding the scalpel. Your hosts (Corene, Ari and Kim) will talk about how they got into Star Trek, their favourite series, and answer crucial questions like: Riker – Beard or No Beard (Spoiler: There is only one correct answer)?

We will also delve into rich and revealing psychological territory of the captain of our respective hearts. And yes, that was all just a cleverly-worded excuse to post this video:



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