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We really, really like Star Trek, and seem to spend a not-insignificant portion of our time talking about it anyway. Plus a lot of the other podcasts out there do not have three ladies talking loudly about Star Trek at great length, have you noticed?


Corene has vague memories of watching original series Star Trek in black and white television in a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. As a youth, she read every single Star Trek novel available in Northern Alberta long before watching a single episode sans diaper.

She has an eye for catching tennis outfits on screen (Seriously Kim. How did you miss this? It’s right there in “Where No Man Has Gone Before” in the opening scene in the lounge. Can’t miss it. BRIGHT PINK.) and enjoys a good space battle or clunky fascist metaphor. Janeway was her first captain but James T (the t stands for “the stack of books with legs” ) Kirk is the captain of her heart.


Ari has been watching Star Trek since before she can actually remember; she grew up in a Trekkie household, and new episodes of any Trek (until Enterprise, anyway) were a weekly family activity. One time on a family vacation to Universal Studios she, her mum, and both her sisters took part in the Star Trek Adventure Experience and she was the kid in the warp core who got a bucket of water dumped on her head. (Her mum was one of the psychic aliens.)

Her favourite Trek is DS9, and she has Extremely Complicated Feelings about the Who’s Your Captain challenge. She really enjoys the parts of Star Trek that are people sitting around a table talking about space diplomacy, and also Kitchen Table. She is really seriously not in this for the space battles. She is decidedly lukewarm (and occasionally Star-Wars-prequels-level heartbroken) about the reboot and might spit on J.J. Abrams if she ever met him. (Kidding. Like 88% kidding. Heartbroken, okay?)


Kim is not on Twitter.

Our… let’s call it a coat of arms.

The NSMTNZ coat of arms, if you will. A delta Starfleet insignia, a hand flipping the bird, a heart, and an IDIC - Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations(We definitely stole this idea from /Report. It was such a great idea!)

Our crest represents the four pillars of our podcast, as well as standing in, roughly, for the four great captains of the four major series. Clockwise, they are:

Starfleet Insignia (Jean-Luc Picard): While not everything in Star Trek is about Starfleet, one can’t deny that Starfleet serves as the in for most of the stories set within the Trek franchise. Starfleet’s symbol has changed a lot over the years, but it always involves the distinctive arrow shape, as though pointing us forwards.

Bird, Flipping (Kathryn Janeway): While it always does its best, sometimes we have conflicted feelings about Star Trek, its production values, the way it talks about social issues, and the uphill struggle it’s historically faced while attempting to do that. Sometimes we get really frustrated with the way the way the mainstream, curative, cis-het-male segment of fandom tramples all over everybody else in the fandom, thus completely missing the point of Star Trek. (Sometimes we are not conflicted at all.)

IDIC (James Kirk): Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. A motto for life, and also the most poignant symbol of the founding principles of the United Federation of Planets.

Heart (Benjamin Sisko): Warts and all, Star Trek occupies a warm and forever-secure place in our hearts; the place that still firmly believes human beings will, one day, get the fuck over ourselves and our various isms so that we might survive long enough to leave the cradle of the Earth and explore the stars – per aspera ad astra. (I’m getting all misty.)


the NSMTNZ coat of arms
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