Episode 21a – Bonus Content: Bryan Fuller Announced as New Trek Series Showrunner

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Yesterday the news hit the Interwebs that we finally have a showrunner for the up-and-coming new Trek series: Bryan Fuller, probably best-known, at the moment, for recently-concluded series Hannibal. His other credits (in addition to some way-back-when episodes of Voyager and Deep Space Nine that officially qualify him as a Trek Alum) include the ultra-whimsical and cult-beloved Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls.

Editor’s disclaimer: Most of Fuller’s existing oeuvre is, as they say, Not In My Wheelhouse (in that I am turned off by greater than trace-level whimsy and actively freaked out by Hannibal). That, plus my “committed pessimism until proven otherwise (because then I can’t be disappointed)” policy re: new Trek, means that the nicest word I can use to describe my feelings about this news is “ambivalence.”

HOWEVER: Bryan Fuller is VERY EXCITED ABOUT STAR TREK, so while I refuse to feel the human emotion of hope about Star Trek ever again, I will grant that that this news is already a step up from the last attempt in the franchise. Kim and Corene are SUPER-EXCITED about this news, so you should definitely ignore this summary and listen to them enthuse. Kim (enthusiastic Hannibal fan) was, at the time of this recording, visibly vibrating with joy.

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