Episode 36 – TOS 2×07: “Catspaw”

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Just to give you an idea of our impressions for this week, most of our notes for this episode consist of repeated interrobangs and the word “WITCHES?!?!” underlined multiple times.

It’s best not to try and view this episode through much of a critical lens. There’s some vague Macbeth references. There’s a few places where mostly you want to hear the Nightmare Before Christmas intro song. There is a sexy cat lady who is also, at times, an actual cat (the first of at least two Sexy Cat guest stars in TOS, believe it or not). There is my only enduring childhood memory of this episode: the U.S.S. Enterprise encased in a block of clear plastic.

the Enterprise in a block of clear plastic
Fun fact: I’m pretty sure Hallmark sold this as a Christmas tree ornament for a while.








So that’s what’s there. So what’s not there? Is it a coherent explanation of who or what our villains are or what they’re after? DING DING DING CORRECT. We have no idea why two aliens who apparently invaded our dimension with (yet another) assistive machine that grants them nearly-invincible powers of illusion and impact do any of the things they do, least of all why they might kidnap a bunch of humans from a passing starship and imprison them in a castle straight out of some movie lot’s Scary Halloween Tour.

What we do know is that apparently their true forms look like this:

the villains of the week in their "true" pipe-cleaner form
Memory Alpha describes these things as “ornithoid.” I mean… okay? I guess they’re… vaguely… bird-like?












…yeah, we’re as confused as you are.

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